The M113 Green Dragon – The Toughest of Armored Cars

Armored cars have been an invaluable military vehicle in every war since the dawn of mechanized war in World War I.

Designed to deliver troops, weapons, and supplies safely under the protection of strong, bulletproof, and shellproof armor, these military vehicles are lifesavers and able to travel more quickly over various terrains due to their build being lighter than that of tanks.

Among all of the armored cars and troop carriers used by the U.S. Army, the M113 rises as a star in this class for its broad versatility and usefulness.  

What is the M113?

The M113 was the U.S. Army’s most widely used armored personnel carrier during the Vietnam War due to its many positive design features which made it so ideal for the jungle ground war that was fought there.

Aptly named the “Green Dragon” by the Viet Cong, the tracked M113 was nearly unstoppable driving through jungle thickets to uncover enemy troops hiding within them.

Yet it was the vehicle’s construction that made it so useful in comparison to all other armored vehicles, as the M113 could do things and go places that no other APC in its class could manage. 

What Made The M113 So Good?

Constructed from a new type of aluminum, the M113 had armor that was thick and protective enough to fend off the ground fire being used against it, while also being light enough to offer other advantages.

It could be transported by air, something that could not be done with heavier armored cars, and was semi-amphibious as well, making it possible to traverse the jungle swamps where no other wheeled or tracked military vehicle could go. 

A Design Model For Future Personnel Carriers

The design was so impressive and successful during the Vietnam War that the M113 became the base model for many forthcoming variant military vehicles developed by the U.S. military.

Today, many of these M113 variant armored personnel carriers are still in use by the U.S. Army and more than 50 other countries throughout the world.

Variants include models with gun shields, military vehicles equipped as nuclear missile carriers and field ambulances, added machine guns, and many more specialty features. 

Still In Use Today!

Still known as one of the best and most popular military vehicles to exist, the Green Dragon also called the One-One-Three, was due to be retired in 2018; however, due to the immense popularity and performance of this impressive military vehicle, the M113 lives on for use by the U.S. military troops of today.

It is a timeless vehicle that was ahead of its time back in the day and a successful design that continues to improve!